Robert Mangold's Three Squares leads contemporary art sale

Robert Mangold's Three Squares with a Triangle carries an estimate of $800,000-1.2m ahead of a New York art auction.

The piece will star in Sotheby's Contemporary Curated sale on September 29.

Robert Mangold Triangle
Robert Mangold is inspired by renaissance era art

Mangold (born 1937) was in the early vanguard of the American minimalists.

Interest in his work is undergoing a major revival and there has been an advance in his price point in recent years.   

Sotheby's comments: "In Three Squares Within a Triangle, the composition itself has a mathematical quality, recalling the Renaissance study of ratio and proportion.

"The way that the squares are contained within the triangle allude to the renderings of the Golden Triangle (an isosceles triangle in which the equal sides are in the Golden Ratio to the smaller side) or Leonardo da Vinci's 'Vitruvian Man' (the ideal proportions for the human body).

"The pared down, simplified aesthetic of Mangold's oeuvre belies his deep study and appreciation of Old Master paintings and the canon of Art History."

Sotheby's goes on to describe the work as the most significant Mangold ever offered at auction.

His record is £746,500 ($991,329), set for an untitled green canvas at Christie's earlier this year.

The present lot looks likely to surpass this sum by a decent margin.

Other lots include an untitled work by Anish Kapoor, valued at $400,000-600,000.

The piece dates to 2000 and is one of a well-known series of resin wall sculptures.

Kapoor is one of the biggest stars in the art world and his work regularly achieves sums in the low millions at auction.

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