Rene Lalique's rarest vase to appear at Bonhams

Bonhams will feature a vast selection of René Lalique vases, including his rarest design, in its dedicated sale on June 12 in London. 


René Lalique Frise aigles
One of just three vases featuring the Frise aigles design



The sale, entitled The Colours of René Lalique and Design from 1860, will also feature period artworks from the top designers of the day.

The auction is to star one of Lalique's most unusual designs, which is also one of his rarest. Bonhams' Frise Aigles, or Eagles Frieze, is one of just three extant versions of the design. The other two examples, one in black glass and the other in green, are currently housed in private collections.

The early 1911 work is unique in its colouration, having been overlaid with red and black enamel on polished clear glass. It stands as the only unrecorded version of the Frise Aigles design. Despite its rarity the vase will go to auction will a modest estimate of £5,000-7,000 ($7,780-10,900).

With Lalique's work continually inspired by the natural world, his animal-based designs are expected to draw the highest bids from collectors. One of the artist's most elaborate designs, Serpent, is featured on two spectacular vases in the sale, one in amber and the other in stained glass. The two lots will be sold at £30,000-35,000 ($46,700-$54,500) and £20,000-25,000 ($31,100-39,000) respectively.

Elsewhere in the sale, an imposing art deco bronze from Bruno Zach is expected to sell for £70,000-80,000 ($110,000-130,000), the highest estimate of any item. The Riding Crop shows a bare-breasted figure in thigh-high stockings, with a suggestive riding crop concealed behind her back.

Paul Fraser Collectibles will be bringing you the results of this sale as soon as it happens, so be sure to check back with us regularly. And remember, before you decide to invest your money check out Paul Fraser Collectibles' expert advice on art collecting here.



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