Rare and exotic travel posters for sale

Bloomsbury's Vintage and Modern Posters sale promises to not only offer decorative beauty, but a solid financial asset.

United States to Europe by anonymous
United States to Europe

The vintage poster market has well maintained its value, even in a time of volatile markets both in the worlds of finance and fine arts - and the posters in this November 12 sale are prime representatives of a viable alternative investment, according to the New York-based auctioneers.

As posters became a less popular form of advertising after the advent of film and radio in the 1920s, posters post-dating this have become rare. The Fall Bloomsbury sale features a plethora of posters from the 1930s onward.

A unique highlight in the sale is a collection of eight posters promoting travel to Bermuda. Grace Line, a Furness Cruises division and the Island of Bermuda brought on artists to create these spectacular, and now, nostalgic images from the 1930s through the 1960s.

Vintage posters promoting Bermuda are a rare collector's item in the poster market, and this group of eight features multiple exceptionally rare posters from the 1930s.

D'Affiches Artistiques,1896
Toulousse L'Autrec's D'Affiches Artistiques

Other notable collectors' items for sale are a poster depicting a stylised airplane emerging through French-shaped clouds. The advertisement for Air France by Francois Charles Cachoud "Le Mont Blanc", dated 1900, is a lithograph in color estimated at $600-1,000.

Travel posters by KLM, Pan American, and several other airlines are also included in the sale. Alongside these items will be posters by Cunard and Pacific Lines representing a bygone form of travel, trans-oceanic cruising.

T.A. Mitchell's Royal, 1930
T.A. Mitchell's Royal, 1930

Meanwhile, the vintage automobile posters section will illustrate the evolution of the car over the last 100 years with posters depicting early examples of Peugeot, Clement, de Dion-Bouton, and Michelin Tires amongst other brands.

A highlight in the travel by locomotive section is a lithograph in color showing the New York Central System1946, estimated at $1,000-1,500.

Other sale highlights will include the top lot by Toulousse L'Autrec, a lithograph in colours dated 1896, "D'Affiches Artistiques" (estimated at $30,000-35,000) and a 1894 lithograph in colour, Jules Cheret's "Palais de Glace" ($8,000-12,000).

The auction starts on Thursday, November 12 at 2pm at Bloomsbury, New York. An exhibition of the posters will be held from Saturday November 7-12.

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