'Quality is what will always count' - Parkweg mit Reiterin could bring $358,000

"When an artist purchases works by another artist, it is both a proof of great respect and an excellent provenance at the same time", Robert Ketterer notes. In the case of Vladimir Georgievich Bechteyeff's work Parkweg mit Reiterin, which is to be auctioned, Adolf Erbslöh was the admirer with an eye for quality art.

"Quality is what will always count", adds Ketterer with regards to the main auction on June 4, 2011, which has its focal points on: firstly, Modern Art until 1955 then Post War and Contemporary Art.

One piece in particular stands out from the former:

Still under the influence of late Impressionism and before his sojourn in Paris, Vladimir Georgievich Bechteyeff created the oil painting Parkweg mit Reiterin in 1905.

Bechteyeff Parkweg painting
Bechteyeff's absorbing Parkweg mit Reiterin

The rapid brushstrokes add particular charm to this early work, which can be called experimental both in terms of choice of colours and composition. It shows an artist, who, inspired by the avant-garde tendencies of the late 19th century is on his way to Modernism.

Bechteyeff reinterprets the popular motif of the horserider in a park: The focus is not any longer on the rider, but on the path she is riding on, nature becomes the dominating theme. The estimate is at €150,000-250,000 and it should make an excellent investment.

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