Prices rocket for NASA memorabilia as Spacefest sale makes $737,742


A rare photograph signed by all 29 astronauts who took part in NASA's famous Apollo space missions has sold for an out-of-this-world price at auction in Dallas last Friday, June 3.

Heritage Auctions sold the historic image for $38,837 as part of its Spacefest III event. The occasion was organised to help celebrate the legendary Apollo missions, bringing together key figures from the program including astronauts and scientists.

The photograph was one of hundreds of collectibles related to the famous American space program which sold at the event.

Also auctioned were a Silver Robins Medallion flown on Apollo 16 in 1972, for $15,535, and a rare signed official document called the Apollo-Soyuz document, known as the 'Space Magna Carta'.

The document marks the moment when the American and Russian space programs began cooperating in 1975.

Surprisingly some major items didn't sell, like a painting of Apollo 16's John Young by fellow moonwalker Alan Bean. But it could yet find a buyer as it is still for sale online.


Alan Bean's painting, of John Young saluting the American flag, could be yours for $143,400

The painting does show that items unsold at auction have a chance of being snapped up afterwards, as it is listed on the Heritage website for a direct sale price of $143,400.

The rare acrylic painting, the largest of Alan Bean's works, shows John Young saluting the American flag triumphantly, with Earth in the background. Heritage describes it as 'an American success story.'

They are accepting offers until June 20 for the patriotic work.

Prices for such items are likely to rise further in the future, with the famous Apollo space missions passing into folklore as time passes. The 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landings passed by in July 2009, and items like collected moon rocks bringing as much as $50,000.

The vast array of different types of items and memorabilia means almost anybody can find something of interest from these auctions, with many items seen as great future investments.


While Alan Bean's painting awaits a buyer, this signed photo on which Bean describes walking on the moon as 'a brisk walk on the ocean of dreams' is also for sale on the private markets


These can range from utility lights used on board the spacecraft - one sold for $20,315 at Spacefest - to more personal objects, like a signed photograph of Alan Bean, who was part of NASA's Apollo 12 mission, walking on the moon.


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