'Priceless piece of Silver Age Marvel lore' among Spiderman comics for sale

There's a particularly strong opportunity for collectors of Spiderman taking place at Heritage next month as a great range of well-preserved comics and originals comes under the spotlight.

Spider-fans will be keen to take a look at some original art by 'Sturdy' Steve Ditko from The Amazing Spider-Man #12 with a battle between the webslinger and the dastardly Doctor Octopus (in his third appearance).

Heritage describe the page as 'virtually flawless', noting that there is no hint of art correction. The classic piece currently rests on $16,000.

Amazing Fantasy 15 Spiderman comic
Amazing Fantasy #15 - the comic that introduced Spiderman

Then there are two very well-preserved comics that will set collectors' spidey-senses tingling. Both are sourced from the renowned Edward M Sarley collection:

Firstly, there is a wonderful copy of The Amazing Spider-Man #1 (Marvel, 1963) graded 9.0 by the CGC and described by Heritage as "Easily the nicest copy of the milestone issue we've offered in nearly two years!"

The cover uses the Fantastic Four to help launch the new superhero. But as comic collectors will know, Spiderman didn't begin with his own comic - not quite. Instead it was issue 15 of the ill-fated Amazing Fantasy (1962). Such issues can make valuable assets.

An 8.0 grade version of the comic appears here, already carrying a bid of $30,000 whilst the former comic rests at $10,000. But the 1963 comic in particular may be expected to climb like the wallcrawler himself before the sale closes.

John Romita Spiderman Kraven Vulture original art
Uh-oh... John Romita has Spiderman battling Kraven and Vulture

Currently leading the pack however is original art for the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #49 (Kraven and Vulture Cover, 1967) by John Romita Sr, described by Heritage as an "eye-popping display piece" and a "priceless piece of Silver Age Marvel lore".

Bidders are attempting to put a price on it just the same, and have so far reached $45,000. Heritage's auction takes place in Dallas and online with the live session on August 18.


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