Previously unseen Warhol art on show

Milwaukee Art Museum is presenting a vast collection of unseen Andy Warhol works, concentrating on the later part of his career.

Many of the artworks were not displayed during his lifetime and many are in the hands of various private collectors; such that it has taken three years to set up the show.

The exhibition aims to present Warhol's career as a whole - including images in his famous pop art style, some familiar self-portraits, but various other techniques used by the artist.

Experts believe that Warhol's unseen works are often more startling, abstract and attention-grabbing than his more famous art.

The expo includes paintings with a camouflage theme, big, coloured spots, and versions of Leonardo Da Vinci's The Last Supper.

One artwork shows Warhol's obesession with brands, featuring a pink version of the Dove soap name and the actual Dove logo floating above Jesus's right arm.

Some of the works are personal, and reportedly show Warhol considering his own mortality.

The artist died after an operation in 1987 - some say this was due to ongoing health complications after he was shot by Valerie Solanas in 1968.

The collection is large, not just in the number of paintings, but in the towering size of several individual works.

The Wall Street Journal has touted the expo as, 'the most important show of the autumn art season.'

Warhol's works are exceptionally sought-after - particularly in America, as we recently reported when his portrait of Michael Jackson sold for over $1m.

"Warhol is as misunderstood as he is famous, so I think people will be surprised" said Dan Keegan, the museum's director. 

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