Pow! An exceptional copy of Captain America #1 hits the rare comic markets
Usually we think of comics as things that young people like to read and old people have no time for. But for one New Jersey family the roles were reversed with an 85-year old pensioner refusing his daughter and son-in-law's requests to throw out his collection.

After a protracted battle, his wisdom has been proved as on taking the collection to Metropolis Collectibles the family were astonished to learn that the collection is likely to be worth over $1m.

Not everyone was equally surprised though - the owner himself just smiled.

Now being sold through ComicConnect, the collection described as being in great condition with the high-grade books showing bright colours, tight spines, sharp edges and great eye appeal.

The leader of the pack is an exceptional copy of Captain America #1.

Captain America
Captain America #1 (may not be historically accurate)

One of the greatest Golden Age issues, it features the origin and first appearance of the famed hero himself, Captain America.

The issue also features the 1st appearance of his doomed sidekick Bucky, as well as his nemesis, The Red Skull. The cover sports one of the most famous images of the Golden Age, Captain America socking Hitler in the jaw.

Given a 9.2 grading by the CGC, this copy is believed to be the second best example known around the world, following only the famed Allentown copy at 9.6. It bears an estimate of $240,000 and already has a bid of $117,000.

There are just four days remaining for collectors to get involved, as the virtual hammer will come down on the comic on Tuesday night (August 9).


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