Picasso's Tete de femme to lead Christie's Shanghai auction at $2.5m

Christie's will hold its second auction in Shanghai on April 26, offering a range of Asian and Western art led by one of Pablo Picasso's Tete de femme paintings.

Picasso Tete d'Femme
Christie's offers mid-level pieces from top artists in the sale, testing the Chinese market

The sale follows Christie's inaugural auction on the Chinese mainland in September 2013, which marked the first sale of a Picasso in the country at $1.9m.

With the auction house still testing the Chinese market for Western works of art, Tete de femme is a mid-level Picasso piece estimated at a modest $1.5m-2.5m.

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Also offered among impressionist and modern art is Marc Chagall's L'offrande au pientre, an exemplary example of his work from 1983, which is expected to sell for $1.2m-1.8m.

Post-war and contemporary art is led by Self-Portrait with Skeleton Arm and Madonna by Andy Warhol, which was inspired by the prints of The Scream artist Edvard Munch. Created in 1984, it will sell for $1.6m-2.5m.

Following is a Roy Lichtenstein canvas titled Apple and Grapefruit at $650,000-950,000, while Damien Hirst's spot painting Calcium Hydride is valued at $300,000-500,000.

Alongside Zeng Fanzhi, Zao Wou-ki is one of the top selling Asian contemporary artists

The sale also features a range of contemporary Asian works, led by the highly esteemed Zao Wou-ki's abstract work 31.08.2001-09.09.2002 at $1.3m-2m.

Top-selling artist Zeng Fanzhi, whose The Last Supper set a record for Asian contemporary art in 2013, features with Untitled 07-5 - estimated at $685,000-1m.

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