Picasso etching is the highlight of Clars' eclectic weekend auction


A large, impressive collection of works, produced by famous names including Pablo Picasso, Russell Dale Moffett and John Tunnard, is going under the hammer this weekend at Clars Auction Gallery in California.

On Saturday, June 11, and Sunday, June 12, the sale will include a wide range of items, like etchings, sculptures, paintings and furniture.

The highlight will probably be Picasso's 1933 sketch, called Seated Model and Sculptor Studying Sculptured Head, which is expected to go for $20,000-40,000. Given the fact it was produced during the 1920s-30s, Picasso's most productive and therefore prominent period, it is undoubtedly a valuable item, capturing his unique style well.

American painters will feature in abundance at the sale, with pieces by Frank Vining Smith, Karl Albert and Russell Dale Moffett selling for handsome prices.


With an essence of freedom and fun, Moffett's canvas is a surely worth a bid

Moffett's sensual work, Pin Ups in Polynesia, has been given a guide value of $15,000-25,000. The double sided oil on canvas painting is the kind of thing you would expect to find on the wall of any beach house, with its essence of sun, sea and sand.

In complete contrast, Frank Vining Smith's work, Gathering Squall, depicts a ship being tossed around on the open seas. It is an image that reminds you of mankind's powerlessness against the forces of nature. It has an estimate of $10,000-20,000.

British artist John Tunnard's amazing gouache, ink and pastel work, called Entymologist's Eye, is set to match Picasso's etching, with an expected value of $20,000-40,000. It is certainly a unique painting, as it is brilliant yet unsettling at the same time.

Another prominent European, whose bronze sculpture simply called Centaur is set to sell for a good price at $7,000-$9,000, is Russian Ernst Neizsvestny. Clearly there is an eclectic mix of different pieces on sale there this weekend, so there is something for every taste. It is certainly a collection worth a look.


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