Peter Doherty's 'blood' paintings exhibit at London's The Cob Gallery

There will be blood... at an exhibition of British rock star Peter Doherty's paintings at The Cob Gallery in London. But this is a unique kind of art show. All of the works have been rendered by Doherty in his own blood.

While most people will know Doherty from his band The Libertines, and for the prominent news media coverage of his relationship with top model Kate Moss, this isn't the first time that the English musician, writer, actor, poet and artist has exhibited his blood paintings for the public.

Pieces in this expo, co-organised by Guts for Garters, include new blood works alongside various collectibles and ephemera from the artist's career. Promotional materials for the event describe Doherty's blood works as "an ultimate self-portrait."

Also of note is the inclusion of an artwork by Doherty's friend, the late British soul singer Amy Winehouse. Winehouse used her own blood to paint herself on a canvas alongside the word "ladylike".

And here's some good news if you're looking to add one of Doherty's 'ultimate self-portraits' to your own art collection. We have one of the rock star's original blood paintings for sale. This is the first time that the work has been offered on the private market.

This work is autographed and sure to divide opinion. Yet its provenance is impeccable, having been personally gifted by singer Doherty to a fan at one of his gigs in 2010.

When the fan cheekily asked how he could make some money, Doherty said he would create a blood painting and send him £20. While the money never materialised, the painting did (featuring a drawn £20 note). The canvas measures 32" x 32" and you can find out more about it here.

Meanwhile, The Cob Gallery's is also offering prints by Doherty for sale. The expo promises a unique spectacle for collectors of art and music memorabilia alike.

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