Not without my blanket... Schulz autographs hit the market

The legendary cartoonist, Charles Schulz, rarely autographed or drew sketches of his beloved Peanuts character Linus Van Pelt - more often favouring Snoopy or Charlie Brown in his artworks sketched for friends and family.

This makes the appearance of this signed sketch all the more remarkable.

Showcasing an early style of both Schulz's signature and his artwork, the sketch depicts Linus holding his blanket and sucking on his thumb. It is drawn on the first blank page of a vintage 8 x 5.5" Peanuts book.

Schulz's Linus character debuted in the Peanuts strip on June 1, 1954. A little-known piece of trivia is that Linus actually coined the term "security blanket" - which he was never depicted without.

The sketch features of 'old style' of Schulz's character, Linus Van Pelt

The sketch is for sale priced $1,995. But it isn't the only example of Schulz art on the market and available to collectors.

A charming original drawing of Snoopy the dog in black and red by Charles Schulz, again bearing his rare autograph, is for sale, priced �1,950 ($3,200).

And the book Snoopy's Philosophy, signed and dedicated by Schulz, is valued at �1,250 ($2,000).

Also on the market is a signed Charlie Brown & Charles Schulz annual, released to mark the 20th anniversary of the Peanuts strip.

Inscribed "For Stephen, with best wishes, Charles M. Schulz," it is priced �495 ($815).


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