Mr Brainwash 'Michael Jackson' artwork could raise $35,000 for charity

Kind-hearted US auctioneer CharityBuzz has added another impressive collectible to its website,  attracting online bids in aid of a good cause.

Michael Jackson, 2011 is by Mr Brainwash - real name Thierry Guetta - who emerged as a renowned figure on the international street art scene a few years ago.

Yet, years after Mr Brainwash's debut 2008 auction in Los Angeles raised millions through sales of his factory-produced Pop Art, questions still remain as to how genuine the artist really is.

Guetta originally started out as an amateur documentary maker. His move from filmmaker to urban artist can be seen in Banksy's 2010 street art documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop.

The film was certainly remarkable as an exposé of the art world. But many viewers were left unsure as to whether or not Thierry's "Mr Brainwash" alter ego is another Banksy-orchestrated prank.

Michael Jackson, brainwashed... The 2011 artwork is made from broken records

Mr Brainwash is apparently carrying on regardless; most recently by taking Miami Art Basel, the most important art fair in the US, by storm.

Within 10 days, without any announcement or promotion, he turned a 25,000-square foot empty retail space in the heart of South Beach into an art spectacle entitled "Under Construction". It featured cut-out Storm Troopers and monsters built from traffic cones.

However 'real' Guetta's work is, it certainly generates excitement. This piece, Michael Jackson, 2011, is made from "broken records on canvas" and is typical of the artist's Warhol - and Banksy - inspired works.

Measuring 42" x 42" x 2 ½", the piece is estimated at $35,000 and has so-far attracted seven bids. Bidding closes on November 8. The piece will raise money for the Children's Cancer & Blood Foundation. Watch this space for more news on the sale.

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