Michael Jagamara's Five Stories valued at $333,000

Michael Jagamara Nelson's Five Stories is to lead an auction of Aboriginal Art at Sotheby's London on September 21.

It's expected to make around £150,000-250,000 ($199,920-333,200).

Jagamara Five Stories
Michael Jagamara Nelson is a celebrated aboriginal artist

Nelson is one of the most acclaimed aboriginal artists of his generation. 

Born into the Warlpiri tribe in Australia's Northern Territory, he inherited the right to paint five of the region's most important songlines.

These mythological tracks span the entirety of Australia and function as a kind of map, allowing its indigenous peoples to travel across the country.

The rise and fall of the melody indicates the landscape, while the words describe its features.

They believe that these songs bring the land into existence and must be continually sung.

Sotheby's explains: "Michael Jagamara Nelson's painting Five Stories of 1984 is one of the iconic images of modern Aboriginal art.

"It has been published and exhibited widely, possibly more so than any other work by an Indigenous Australian artist.

"During the 1980s and 1990s Five Stories featured in several landmark exhibitions in Australia and abroad at a time when Aboriginal artists were breaking through the barriers that had consigned their art to the ethnographic domain to emerge as part of the discourse that is the world of contemporary art."

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