Louise Bourgeois’ Spider II (1995) to make $15m?

Christie’s will offer Louise Bourgeois’ Spider II (1995) in its November 15 post-war and contemporary art auction in New York.

The work is one of an edition of seven (including the artist’s proof) and measures just over six feet in width.

Bourgeois Spider Christies

Bourgeois used the spider as a symbol for her mother

Bourgeois (1911-2011) used the Spider as a motif in her work earlier in her career, but began producing her famous large sculptures in the 1990s.

While they appear ominous (particularly for those of us burdened with arachnophobia) Bourgeois has said they represent her much-loved mother, who worked as a weaver.

Bourgeois explained what drew her to the subject: “With the Spider, I try to put across the power and the personality of a modest animal.  

“Modest as it is, it is very definite and it is indestructible.

“[She] relates to a whole house and she has tentacles that are quite real...

“I connect her to my mother because the spider is a cornered animal, she finds security in the corner.”

The work is valued at $10m-15m.

Another Bourgeois Spider sold for $28.5m at Christie’s in 2015, becoming the world’s most valuable artwork by a woman.

The sale features a wealth of pieces from the top tier of the market, including Salvator Mundi - one of the few major canvases by Leonardo da Vinci ever offered at auction.

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