Long Chin-San sale to be held in Hong Kong

Moments of Flash, a sale dedicated to the work of Chinese photography pioneer Long Chin-San, will take place at Christie’s Hong Kong on April 3.

Long (1892-1995) was an important figure in China’s nascent photography scene.

He was also well known on the international stage and forged links with European artists, such as Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp.

Long Chin-San

Cross Island Highway will be the highlight of the sale

He is best known for his evocative landscapes, which he composed and shot in the style of classical Chinese painters.

He explained: “Photography is an international language, and I’ve decided to use this most powerful of international languages to introduce and present to the entire world China’s natural beauty, its riches of culture, its virtuous ethics.”

The highest valued print is Cross Island Highway (valued at $25,778-38,667), which shows a monastery perched on a mountain side.

The work dates to 1962 and would almost certainly have been taken in Tapei, where Lang fled after the communist uprising in 1949.

Lang was also among the first photographers in China to produce nude photographs.

His Meditation (1928) is the first recorded nude taken in China and caused a storm of controversy when it was first unveiled.

This rare example is valued at $15,469–28,360.

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