Le Corbusier tapestry design beats estimate by 468%

A tapestry designed by renowned French architect Le Corbusier made £170,500 ($245,509) at Christie's London on February 5.

The work, titled Les Trois Musiciennes, smashed its estimate of £30,000 ($43,198) by 468.3%.

Corbusier tapestry Christies
Le Corbusier created the work in collaboration with tapestry maker Pinton Freres

Le Corbusier began turning his drawings into wall hangings in the 1940s, in a collaboration with the renowned tapestry maker Pinton Freres.

The intention was to create large scale pieces of decorative art that could be easily transported from place to place.

The present lot is close to four metres long.

As Christie's explains: "Le Corbusier created specific designs for tapestries.

"He did not want to simply transpose his paintings into another form but instead, considered them independent from his paintings.

"In this sense the present lot is a significant component within his core artistic oeuvre."

A vase by Pablo Picasso titled Gros Oiseau Corrida made £128,500 ($185,032) against a £70,000 ($100,795) valuation - an increase of 83.5%.

The work comes from the personal collection of musician Miguel Bose, whose parents were close friends with Picasso.

He explains: "I have infinite memories of Picasso. I knew him at the Chateau of Vauvenargues, in La Californie and in Notre Dame de Vie in Mougins�Ǫ

"Regarding his ceramics, I was present when he created them. He used to paint them and then bake them in the kiln of his ceramics assistant."

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