Lady Gaga video portraits make more than $1m for charity

Robert Wilson's 23 Video Portraits of Lady Gaga series achieved in excess of $1m at the Watermill Center gala in the Hamptons, US on July 26.

Each of the lots pays tribute to a different work of art, including Jacques Louis David's The Death of Marat and Andrea Solaris' Head of Saint John the Baptist.

The series came about after Wilson was given a residency at the Louvre in Paris - with each of the shorts inspired by a painting from the museum's collection. 

Each lot consists of a large plasma screen that displays the film.

Gaga Marat Wilson
Robert Wilson's 23 Video Portraits of Lady Gaga sold for in excess of $1m

Wilson described the singer in a Wall Street Journal interview as "highly disciplined and a perfectionist, and she has an inner concentration and beauty."

We believe that Lady Gaga has the potential to become a collectible icon of the future.

Check out this mask Gaga wore in her video for the song Manifesto of a Monster.

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