Kray twins paintings to sell for $23,500 in UK auction

Dozens of paintings and drawings from notorious London gangsters the Kray twins are expected to sell well in a Norwich, UK sale tomorrow (July 11). 

Kray Twins painting Ronnie Reggie Warriors
An inspirational artwork for the brothers

The auction will feature numerous items from the duo's time in prison, including letters and ephemera which support the provenance of the huge collection. One of the many highlights for collectors will be a pair of boxing gloves given to Reggie Kray by fellow inmate Charles Bronson. Bearing Bronson's name, they are a fantastic keepsake from the moment the infamous pair met in jail and sparred with one another accompanied by 20 or more prison guards.

While the artworks on offer display an expected degree of amateurism, there is clear evidence of talent within the collection, particularly from Ronnie. The top lot of the sale is expected from an oil painting called Warriors, which is accompanied by a letter from Reggie that states: "That painting was our inspiration that kept us so strong." It shows two surreal samurai characters gazing at one another with swords draw - a fitting testament to the brothers' violent lifestyles.

The art collection in tomorrow's sale shows a clear progression from the works sold in a May 30 sale of Kray twins memorabilia, which were distinctly simpler depictions of landscapes and houses. This suggests that the current offerings were created much later into the pair's prison sentence, with the twins now drawing their main inspiration from famed works by a range of well-known artists.

In total, the Kray memorabilia is expected to total more than £15,000, with each painting valued at up to £1,000. An estimate for the boxing gloves has not yet been set, but they can expect bids to be boosted by the combined strength of two legends of the criminal underworld.

Those fascinated by collectibles with a gruesome past will want to see our Albert Pierrepoint memorabilia collection, which contains the log book and personal items of Britain's longest serving hangman.


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