Kray twins' artwork - What's it worth?

What is the value of my Kray twins artwork? Mike, UK

Of all the items we are offered to purchase, the most common is Kray twins artwork. It seems that the London gangsters did little else during their three decades at Her Majesty's Pleasure. The majority appear to have been given away to friends and associates in prison, and subsequently have begun arriving on the market in recent years.

Kray Twins Ronnie Warriors Painting brothers
Ronnie's Warriors sold for £820 in July

Unfortunately for those looking to sell, the sheer number of items ensures that you will not be making your fortune. However, the enduring fascination with Reggie and Ronnie means there is a market for the works if you're willing to be realistic in your goals.

For example, a 1994 painting by Ronnie entitled Warriors sold for £820 just last month as part of a 40 strong collection of their works, which made £17,000 in all.

In May another piece sold for £2,000.

Other personal memorabilia from the Kray twins is also popular with certain collectors, but again you won't get rich off the back of it. Letters written by the twins can achieve around £250.

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