Jan Sluijters' Maanacht (1910) to lead modern art sale at Christie's

Jan Sluijters' Maanacht (1910) is among a collection of works featured in Christie's modern art auction in Amsterdam on June 17.

The lot is valued at $272,285-408,428 and is one of five pieces executed by the Dutch artist during his time in Lauren in northern Holland.

Sluijters Christie's Amsterdam
Sluijters created the painting during his time at Lauren in northern Holland

It dates to shortly after his exposure to fauvism in Paris, which led to the development of a uniquely Dutch form of luminism (the neo-impressionist style preoccupied primarily with the effect of light).

Sluijters (1881-1957) would explore its boundaries for a number of years before developing a cubist bent and finally returning to expressionism.

Leo Gestel's Mallorca carries an identical estimate of $272,285-408,425.

At the start of the 20th century, Gestel was one of three Dutch painters (the others were Sluijters and Mondrian) that carried the national flame for modernism.

His structured and carefully composed works would prove influential in the development of De Stijl, which espoused pure abstraction of colour and form.

Sadly, works by Gestel are rare as the vast majority were lost in a fire at his studio in Norway in 1929.

In December last year his Bloemenstilleven sold for $695,433 at Christie's last modern art sale in Amsterdam.

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