Hirst, Gormley donate AK-47 art to charity auction

An auction produced by charity organisation Peace One Day is to feature AK-47-inspired works from top British artists, including Antony Gormley and Damien Hirst.

Damien hirst AK-47 Spin Peace One Day
Damien Hirst's AK-47: He is among 23 internationally renowned artists who have contributed to the auction

The sale, to be held on October 2-4 in London, will showcase specially commissioned works by 23 internationally renowned artists. Curated by Jake Chapman of the famed Chapman Brothers, the auction hopes to raise funds for Peace One Day, which supports various activities related to creating long-lasting, sustainable peace.

An exhibition of the works offered in the sale is already underway at London's Institute of Contemporary Arts, and will close September 30.

Damien Hirst has recreated one of his famous "spin paintings" on an AK-47 assault rifle, while others have provided a more poignant view of the weapon and its uses in international warfare.

Respected photographer Bran Symondson has filled several bullets with "commodities" such as earth, oil, opium poppy seeds, a dove feather and olive leaf, as well as religious symbols, representing the causes of war. Five burnt dollar bills are pierced by the gun's bayonet, each of which pays tribute to a friend Symondson lost in Afganistan.

He commented: "The irony of taking the most devastating weapon in the world, and seeing the reinterpretation of the AK-47 through these artists' eyes, into one of beauty is a powerful catalyst for hope and peace, and that is able to grow from a day of world peace."

Antony Gormley's work is represented by a stark piece entitled Silence, which shows an outline of a man with an AK-47 as his throat and internal organs.

The auction, entitled AKA Peace, follows the United Nations' International Day of Peace on September 21.

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