Green Lantern movie lights up Comic-Con 2010, but his comic is worth $100,000

If you're a fan of comic books, then you need to be told that Comic-Con begins today in San Diego, California, as much as you need to be told that the Earth is round.

But, for the uninitiated, Comic-Con - running from July 22-25 - is one of the largest pop-culture conventions in the world, bringing together fans of comics, science-fiction and fantasy from across the globe.

What began as a relatively modest gathering of comic book fans years ago has since morphed into a large-scale celebration of the best of forward-looking popular culture.

Yet, naturally, with this growth has come a backlash. Many bemoan the 'Hollywood-isation' of Comic-con, with each year's event now boasting a roll-call of attendant Hollywood celebrities.

DC Comics' Green Lantern #1 from 1941

This year's convention is no exception, with whispers that Brad Pitt will be at the event with his wife Angelina Jolie in tow (she is reportedly in town to promote her new film, called Salt).

Meanwhile, among Comic-con 2010's highlights is the "Green Lantern panel" on Saturday, which will aim to stoke fans' fervent anticipation of the DC Comics hero's Hollywood debut.

But, while Hollywood film studios can bring big bucks to Comic-Con, those who still hanker for the event's early days shouldn't fret - because there is still plenty of money in old comic books.

Take for instance the $100,000 price tag for this copy of DC Comics' Green Lantern #1 from 1941 (pictured above). It is currently for sale on the collectors' market via Heritage Auction Galleries.

More vintage 1940s design can be found on the comic's reverse

Graded "9.0" in terms of quality by the leading authority CGC (Certified Guarantee Company) and with "cream to off-white" pages, the comic contains the retold origin story of the Green Lantern as written by creator Bill Finger.

Accompanying his story is art by co-creator Martin Nodell, and cover art by Howard Purcell. The comic is for sale with photos of Finger and Nodell, the masterminds behind the Green Lantern's "Golden Age".

There are said to be four copies of Green Lantern #1 graded 9.0 on the market, but none higher. That's why this rare and historic comic is for sale to buyers priced $99,950.


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