Great impressionist paintings for sale

Seven paintings from the Durand-Ruel Collection will be sold in New York in December after a trip round the world.

Famous art dealer Paul Durand-Ruel  (1831-1922) had a huge effect on the art world. Crucially, he presented The French Impressionists to the world by exhibiting them in London, New York and Paris.

Similarly, these seven works will go on a tour encompassing Paris, Hong Kong and London before their arrival in New York.

The artists represented are Alfred Sisley, Camille Pissarro and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Sisley's works are: La Seine à Argenteuil (pictured), estimated at £900,000-1.2m and Vue de Sèvres, painted in 1870 and 1877 respectively.

The former was painted during a stay with Monet who painted similar views, but Monet's works tended to concentrate on activity next to the riverside rather than the riverside itself.

There are also two works by Camille Pissarro: Le Pont Boieldieu et la Gare d'Orléans, Rouen, Soleil  estimated at £1.2-1.8m and Jardin du Louvre, Effet de Neige, estimated at £700,000-1m.

There are 3 works by Renoir: The first is Femme au chapeau blanc, (pictured), estimated at £1.5-2m. The hat in particular shows Renoir's use of quick, feathery strokes.

The other works are Baigneuse, estimated at £400,000-600,000 and Nature Morte aux Pommes et Poires estimated at £200,000-300,000. Renoir's particularly Impressionist take on the traditional subject has always been found exceptionally appealing.

The paintings will be exhibited in Paris from September 12-16, Hong Kong from October 2-5, in London during the week starting October 12, 2009 and in New York from October 30-November 4, 2009, on which day the auction will take place.

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