Givenchy’s Diego Giacometti collection to sell in Paris

A selection of pieces by Diego Giacometti from the collection of Hubert de Givenchy will sell at Christie’s Paris on March 6.

Givenchy is the founder of the famous Givenchy fashion house.

Among the headline lots is an octagonal table.

Giacometti table Givenchy

The table displays caryatids and atlantes on the legs

It’s large, measuring close to two metres across, and displays atlantes and caryatids (respectively male and female figures usually seen holding up architectural columns).

Christie’s expects it to bring in $843,243-1.2m, although that’s a little on the low side.

The only other example of this table to come to auction made $3.8m at Sotheby’s last year.

While most of the work on offer is by Diego, a large bronze bowl by his brother Alberto Giacometti is valued at $210,811-316,216.

Givenchy is one of the biggest names in fashion and this sale is likely to attract major international attention.

Francois de Ricqles, president of Christie’s France, said: “Through Hubert de Givenchy’s collection, whose taste and elegance are the inspiration for many collectors, we are able to pay tribute to one of the most poetic and talented artists of the 20th century, Diego Giacometti.”

Givenchy struck up a friendship with Diego in the 1950s.

He says: “He was a very kind man: simple, welcoming, discreet, and a talented craftsman…

“With this sale, I want to pay a further tribute to him, an additional recognition which he does not need, but which shows how important he was to me.”

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