Gilbert & George’s Zeal valued at $138,000

Zeal (2013), a work by pioneering contemporary artists Gilbert & George, is expected to sell for around £100,000 ($137,840) at Roseberrys London on January 24.

The lot is part of the pair’s recent series, the SCAPEGOATING PICTURES, which explores religious faith and city living.

Gilbert George Zeal

Gilbert & George met while studying at St Martin's in 1967

The works resemble stained glass windows, albeit featuring depictions of laughing gas canisters and tower blocks.

The title of the present work is from an anti-islamophobia leaflet the pair found on one of their regular walks round the city’s East End.   

Gilbert Prousch and George Passmore met as students at St Martin’s College of Art in London in 1967.

The immediately became an item and soon began working together.

In 1970, they performed their legendary Singing Sculpture at the Nigel Greenwood Gallery in Chelsea. Dressing in immaculate suits and metallic body paint, they shuffled around to the old music hall song Underneath the Arches.

The body paint has long since disappeared, but the suits have stayed.

Gilbert & George often present themselves as living sculptures, hence their continual appearance in their own work.

As unique figures in the art world, they’re a solid draw at auction. Their major works have sold for as much as £1.8m ($2.4m).

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