Georges Vantongerloo's Courbes painting to make $815,000 on December 10?

Courbes, a painting by Georges Vantongerloo (1886-1965), is valued at $543,333-815,000 ahead of Christie's Modern Art auction in Amsterdam.

The sale will take place on December 10.

Vantongerloo Courbes Christies Amsterdam
Courbes was executed in 1938

The work dates to 1938 and indicates a shift in the Belgian artist's style away from calculated forms towards a more lyrical and playful version of abstraction.

A founding member of the De Stijl movement, a major force in modern art that also included Mondrian and Rietveld among its members, Vantongerloo's belief in pure abstraction led him to use mathematical formulae and equations in the development of his work.

While less well known than some of his contemporaries in De Stijl, he is highly regarded among collectors - with a painting titled Composition Emanante De L'Equation Y=-AX2+BX+18 Avec Accord De L'Orange-Vert-Violet achieving £623,650 ($985,367) at Christie's London in 2012.

Bloemenstilleven (1913) by Leo Gestel (1881-1941) could make $407,500-679,167.

Gestel Bloemenstilleven Christies Amsterdam
Bloemenstilleven is an abstract rendering of a vase of flowers

Along with Mondrian and Sluijters, Gestel defined the Dutch approach to modernism in the early 20th century.

Their early body of work is referred to as Amsterdam Luminism, a style that draws influence from futurism, cubism and impressionism, and bears little resemblance to their later work in abstraction.

All three were influenced by the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh, whose significance was recognised early on in the Netherlands.

Tragically, the majority of Gestel's oeuvre was destroyed in a fire in a studio in Bergen in 1929.

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