European, Russian and American artists star in Trinity's 'strongest' auction


A vast array of artworks, paintings and sculptures, produced by European, Russian and American artists, will feature in Trinity International's auction next Saturday, June 18.

The most interesting piece on show is a 30x24 inch signed oil painting by Nicolai Ivanovich Fetchin, entitled Still Life with Fruit and Gold Plate, which is expected to sell for between $18,000-24,000.


Fetchin's natural ability is clear to see in this highly valued painting

One of the standout works, it is wonderfully detailed and contains bright, contrasting colours against a deep red background and dates back to the 1920s, not long after Fetchin had first arrived in New York. His natural ability is clear to see in this well painted piece.

Another talented artist whose work is on show is Abraham Manievich, who painted another still life piece, called Green Vase and Flowers. The double-sided work is an outburst of expression, with its use of an array of colours and its wild brush strokes, seen more clearly on the back of the frame.


Wild brush strokes and vivid colours comprise Manievich's painting

Again, this work has been given a high guide value of between $20,000-30,000, but as an excellent piece it is worth the money.

In complete contrast to those very traditional works is American artist Charles Green Shaw's modernist piece Abstract Composition. It is understandable why modern art is sometimes labelled as being meaningless, with no story to it or emotion in it.


Charles Green Shaw's modernist piece Abstract Composition

But as a central figure in the American abstract movement, who helped define the new revolutionary art, Shaw's work is more engaging than most similar pieces. For this reason it is good value for someone wishing to enter the collectibles market or with a passion for modern art, estimated to sell for $4,000-6,000.

Trinity International believe this is will be one of their 'strongest auctions to date', given the high-profile artists whose work is up for sale, and the overall quality of the art.



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