Edward Weston's Dune Oceano (1936) realises 25% increase on estimate

Edward Weston's Dune Oceano (1936) has beaten a valuation of $90,000 by 25% to sell for $112,500 at Phillips New York.

The print displays Weston's mastery of light and form, displaying an abstract landscape of sand dunes.

Weston dune
Edward Weston photographed California's Oceano Dunes on a number of occasions

It was taken shortly after he joined Group f/64, along with other notable photographers like Ansel Adams, which showcased work taken using large format cameras and small apertures.

The Oceano Dunes were also the site of a suite of nudes featuring his partner Charis Wilson. Another photograph of Charis titled Nude (Charis, Santa Monica) is among his most reproduced.

Earlier this week a print of Weston's Nautilus (1927) sold for $461,000 at Christie's New York.

Ansel Adams' Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico (1941) made $93,750 at the October 1 sale - an increase of 87.5% on its $50,000 estimate.  

adams moonrise
Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico is one of Adams' most famous photographs

The photograph was taken by the side of Route 84.

Adams described the circumstances surrounding its origin in his 1983 book Examples.

He explains how he spotted the scene and raced to get his equipment ready. "Realizing as I released the shutter that I had an unusual photograph which deserved a duplicate negative, I quickly reversed the film holder, but as I pulled the darkslide, the sunlight passed from the white crosses; I was a few seconds too late! The lone negative suddenly became precious."

Another print of the image realised $609,600 at Sotheby's New York in 2006.

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