Demi Moore auctions her $1m Bouguereau painting at Sotheby's

Considering that she was once one of the highest paid female actors in Hollywood, with 1985's St Elmo's Fire and 1990's Ghost among the films on her CV, it's of no surprise that Demi Moore eventually chose to dabble in art.

And it appears that the star has a particular fondness for 19th century European paintings. William Bouguereau's Frere et Soeur, an oil painting of a young woman holding her baby brother, is among the work's from Moore's collection which will auction at Sotheby's on November 4.

Painted in 1887, the work is expected to bring up to $1m. Moore is said to have purchased the work for just $178,500 at a Christie's auction in 1995 - meaning that its value is estimated to have appreciated by around 12.5% each year.

Other works being auctioned by the Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle star include Mere et Ses Enfants by Belgian painter Alfred Stevens, estimated at $200,000. Moore issued a press release in the run-up to the sale, explaining her love of the works and her reasons for selling them.

William Bouguereau's Frere et Soeur

"I find Bouguereau to be particularly engaging for me personally and have chosen to hold on to a smaller piece to carry with me throughout the years," writes Moore.

"I love his combination of mythological themes, classical subjects and his photo realistic style. There is a gentleness, a serenity, particularly in his depiction of women, combined with incredible strength that has inspired me.

"I have owned these paintings, both the Bouguereau and Stevens, for 15 years and although I adore them, with the renovation and new direction our home is taking, it is time for a change. I am excited for a new owner to be able to share in the joy these paintings have brought us."

Sotheby's November 4 auction in New York will offer 82 artworks. The auction house predicts that total sales will reach $20m-30m. Watch this space for more upcoming news on the event.

Meanwhile, Demi Moore isn't the only famous beauty to sell works from her art collection. Jerry Hall, supermodel and ex-wife of Mick Jagger, is also auctioning her collection at Sotheby's, later this week (October 15-16).


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