Could a Carlos Nadal artwork add value and colour to your collection?


Art collectors looking for new horizons have the opportunity to gain inspiration later this month when an exhibition of Carlos Nadal works comes to London.

50 pieces currently contained within English collections, many of which will no doubt appear at auction over the coming years, will be on show at Bonhams in London from Thursday August 25 to Wednesday September 7.

Spanning the life of the Spanish artist, who died in 1988, the exhibition will feature several works which have recently performed well at auction, including Fenêtre Ouverte, which sold for £42,000 at Bonhams earlier this year.

Carlos Nadal's £42,000 Fenêtre Ouverte will be on display


The display will also include Le Port and La Plage, which achieved £21,000 and £20,400 at the auction house earlier this year.

Deborah Allan, head of Bonhams' Impressionist and Modern art department, comments: "Nadal once said: 'Look up and around, not down at the pavement as so many people do. Make to enjoy the day of the joie de vivre.'

"Nadal lived his life by this mantra, and a sense of joie de vivre absorbed from his surroundings infuses all his works.

"Revelling in a riot of colour, his canvases employ bold contours and a naive style to convey familiar, illustrative scenes recalling memories, like painted snapshots, of holidays and happiness."

We expect this exhibition could well spark greater interest among collectors for Nadal's work, and we could see prices rise significantly during the next few years.

Paul Fraser Collectibles will bring you all the latest developments on auctions of Nadal's artwork, so make sure you check back here regularly.


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