Collectors are set to charge for this $16,000 carved Qing rhino cup

Last year, we reported on the rising values of rhino horn antiques (August 26) and it's true that collectibles made from rhino horns are increasingly popular, valuable ... and controversial.

As the numbers of rhinoceroses worldwide dwindle, countries like the United Kingdom have made efforts to prevent the sale of rhino antiques made after 1947.

Nevertheless, antique rhino pieces remain valued and coveted among collectors - with the latest example appearing for sale at Hotel Sales Office at Geneva's auction in Switzerland on March 9.

The carved rhino horn cup from China's Qing period

This piece certainly pre-dates 1947, and can be traced back to China's Qing period circa the 17th-18th centuries.

Carrying a 10,000-15,000 CHF estimate (more than $16,190), the cup has been carved in with five dragons climbing its handle and a further two lurking inside.

Measuring 13 x 16cm and consigned from the Swiss private collection, collectors of ever-popular Qing Dynasty artefacts will undoubtedly charge towards this piece when it sells next week.

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