Christie's auctions Lucian Freud prints - 'most complete collection' ever sold

Many consider him to have been the pre-eminent British artist of his time. And now the late Lucian Freud (1922-2011) is set to further-consolidate his legacy at Christie's upcoming 15 February art auction.

Collectors will have a chance to bid on a number of Freud etchings assembled by Magar Balakjian. Balakjian worked with Freud for more than a quarter of a century, gradually adding the latter's works to his own art collection.


Lucian Freud: considered the
best artist of his era

The whole collection, numbering 45 prints, is expected to bring up to £70,000. The collection is said to be the most complete array of Freud's prints ever auctioned. Many of the sketches feature Freud's most famous subjects.

Among them is Sue Tilley, also the subject in Freud's famous piece Benefits Supervisor Sleeping. Benefits Supervisor Sleeping sold for a World Record price of £20.6m back in 2008. The related sketch will undoubtedly draw much attention.

Another sketch depicts Lord Goodman, former chairman of the Arts Council, wearing yellow pyjamas. The work, entitled Lord Goodman in his Yellow Pyjamas, also bears the distinction of being the only sketch Freud ever coloured-in.

According to experts, Freud's sketches were drawn in natural light in contrast to the artificial light shown in his discomfiting paintings. They were sketched onto copper plates, with Freud taking a meticulous interest in each stage of the printing process.

Since his death last year, Lucian Freud is already growing into a blue chip of the collectors' markets - a figure whose memorabilia is always likely to draw attention, and escalating bids, from collectors. Much like his grandfather, Sigmund...

Rare Sigmund Freud manuscripts we've previously handled at Paul Fraser Collectibles include this fascinating letter concerning mysterious "rumours" relating to the psychoanalyst Isidor Isaak Sadger (1867-1942).

Paul Fraser Collectibles handled this rare letter written and autographed by Lucian Freud's grandfather Sigmund in 2011 - you can read more about it here


This Freud manuscript is no longer available - but you can view our other historic autographed manuscripts for sale by following this link.

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