Charles Schulz Peanuts strip brings $21,000 in online auction

The perennial popularity of Charles Schulz's Peanuts has been seen once again at auction, after two early hand-drawn strips sold with excellent results in an online auction that closed on July 31.

Peanuts Charles Schulz Charlie Brown Snoopy strip
Peanuts remains among the most popular comic strips at auction

The highest-selling strip was one that appeared in print on March 19, 1953 and stars the two most iconic Peanuts characters, Charlie Brown and Snoopy. In the scene, Charlie endearingly tells Snoopy that the beagle is the only one who listens to him, which causes Snoopy to yawn.

Snoopy content is rare in the first years of the series and Schulz' illustration shows an early incarnation of the beloved character that we know today. With the usual vertical crease through the centre, which appears on many Peanuts strips at auction, and in near fine condition, it sold for $21,013.

The second strip, a baseball themed piece which included a handwritten dedication on the second panel using Schulz' nickname, Sparky, sold for $15,786. In this scene, Charlie Brown mentally prepares himself to be a hero and then misses his second strike. The value of the strip was decreased by mild toning and paperclip rust to the top edge.

Sports themed Peanuts strips are among the most popular with collectors and often sell with excellent results at auction. In June, an autographed strip with a dedication to basketball star Dr J sold for $20,123, despite having spots of correctional fluid on the second panel.

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