Catherine Wiley Impressionist painting sells at art auction for $107,900

As we reported, a Tennessee auction recently offered a substantial number of art and antiques lots (800) led by one of most underrated and tragic heroes of Impressionist Art.

That should be heroine of course, as the person in question was Anna Catherine Wiley, an artist who lived in the state of Tennessee who helped pioneer the art program at the State University.

Sadly, she suffered a career-ending nervous breakdown and spent her final days in an institution.

"This is not just a great painting by a regional female artist - it's a great American Impressionist painting," emphasised auction house president John Case.

Catherine Wiley Impressionist mother and child painting
Catherine Wiley's Impressionist mother and child painting

"This is one instance where an artist is disadvantaged by scarcity. If Catherine Wiley had been more prolific, her name would probably be mentioned today alongside her mentors when people talk about great American Impressionist painters."

The painting in question is the evocative depiction of a mother and child seated in a meadow in dappled light.

Held in a Tennessee family's collection for decades, the painting was listed at $60,000-$75,000, but in the event competition bumped it up to an impressive $107,880. It was bought by a museum - good news for those who wish to view Catherine Wiley's work but less good for those who want to own it.

Collectors who are fascinated by Impressionist Art may be interested to know that we currently have an autograph note signed by its founder: Claude Monet.

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