Buy Alberto Giacometti, Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro... All in one handy little book

Here at Paul Fraser Collectibles, we always recommend building up your collection into a portfolio to boost its value. After all, multiple related artworks or signatures can be worth more than just one piece on its own.

But what about if you had the opportunity to buy a number of valuable collectibles - let's say, a variety of artworks - all encased in one handy little book? Collectors will have the chance to do just that at Damien Leclere's upcoming ancient and modern books sale in Marseille, France.

Among the lots is a book compiled by Ilya Mikhailovich Zdanevitch (1894-1975), the Dadaist writer and artist better known as Iliazd. Iliazd had many strings to his bow, also being a publisher, bibliophile, poet and art critic.

Resulting from Iliazd's many talents is this superb and rare 1968 book which happens to include artworks by his illustrious circle of friends; including Joan Miro, Alberto Giacometti, Andre Derain, Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst and Andre Beaudin among others.

Some of the artworks by Iliazd's very impressive circle of friends

Each of the above artists and more produced a work etched with box and chisel or drawn on a double page, all of which were printed in this book. Only 75 copies were ever produced. According to the lot notes, this edition is number 30 out of 50 copies distributed in Japan.

And, as if the book's rarity alone won't guarantee it a buyer, the lot includes a leaflet bearing the original signatures of each artist (except Derain, Giacometti, and Pascin Marcoussis).

Entitled a "Homage to Roger Lacourière," the master engraver and printer, the 1968 work is on four oblong sheets within an outer bag. It will go under the hammer on January 15 and carries an estimate of €8,000-10,000.

L'Homme qui marche I by Alberto Giacometti became the world's most expensive sculpture when it auctioned at Sotheby's for $104.5m in early 2010. Elsewhere, Picasso's Nude, Green Leaves and Grass sold for $106.6m (after inflation) also last year.

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