Bronze Dipamkara Buddha figure sits atop Chinese antiques auction

Golden State Auction's anticipated inaugural Chinese and Asian antiques sale was completed yesterday and didn't disappoint. The market is of course very strong, so it's a natural area to be expanding into.

Not all of the antique rhino horn cups on offer in the sale sold, but one which did, a 17th century example beat its $30,000-50,000 listing to bring $60,000. The reticulated front legs and head of a chilong dragon climb up its exterior against a carefully worked band of flower-heads.

17th century rhino horn cup
The ornate 17th century rhino horn cup


(We're always keen to remind reader that the creation of such cups now is illegal, but it does happen, so bidders should always be careful to be certain of such an item's authenticity.)

This was somewhat left standing however by a magnificent pair of Zitan cabinets decorated with deep carved cloud dragons and sea water. These cabinets - the only ones of their kind - sold right at the top of their estimate range for $120,000.

The top lot shouldn't be too much of a surprise: a gilt and lacquered bronze figure of Dipamkara Buddha.

Dipamkar bronze figure
The imposing gilt bronze figure of Dipamkar Buddha

He is shown seated in dhyanasana dress with long flowing robes left open at the chest. The serene face with one eye open wider appears beneath a large protruding urna set amidst the whorls of hair, and seated on a lotus base.

The imposing figure sold, as expected for $210,000. If the Golden State Auction company continues with sale like these, it could make a good name for itself in the collectibles markets.

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