Brandt's 'Spectaculaire chenets' auction in Paris estimated at '$79,100'

Warfare and art often overlap. But Frenchman Edgar William Brandt (1880 - 1960) brought something new to the table, being both a noted ironworker and prolific weapons designer.

Brandt also headed a company which built 60mm, 81mm and 120mm mortars whose designs would prove very influential in World War II.

But, away from his day job, Brandt produced artworks like this. This pair of cobras is forged from wrought iron. Each cobra is drawn in an attack position, with powerful and vibrant styling.


brandt Spectaculaire paire de chenets 410.jpg
Edgar William Brandt's 'Spectaculaire paire de chenets'

The base of each cobra is stamped "E Brandt", and measures 34.8 cm high by 17.5 cm wide and 44 cm deep.

These cobra sculptures are a among a number of Brandt works acquired over 20-30 years by a collectibles-loving family in Le Touquet. The piece has stayed in the family since, and has been widely exhibited.

The "Spectaculaire paire de chenets" will auction in Paris on Thursday, March 22. It is estimated at €40,000-60,000.

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