'Bored' Brad Pitt forgets to mention his love of Banksy

According to today's news reports, Hollywood star Brad Pitt has revealed the reason for the unkempt billy goat beard that he has been sporting recently.

"It's boredom, no other reason than that," he reportedly told The Sun while promoting his new superhero movie, Kick-ass.

Banksy's Naked Man, sprayed on the
wall of a sexual health clinic in
Bristol, Paul Fraser Collectibles'
home city

Apparently, Pitt revealed that his second favourite way of alleviating boredom is to work out - especially while listening to UK rapper, Dizzee Rascal.

Yet Pitt neglected to mention his other major hobby: a love of art collecting - in particular, the highly-successful street artist Banksy.

As we've long maintained at Paul Fraser Collectibles, art collecting is one of the very best ways of combating boredom.

Pitt's fondness for Banksy is reportedly shared by Angelina Jolie, his partner and Mr and Mrs Smith co-star.

Works in the Hollywood A-list couple's collection include Picnic, a Banksy work in black and white - except for a red tablecloth - which depicts a family of four lunching while 15 starving Africans look on.

Pitt, whose cinema hits include the Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, and Jolie, star of Wanted and Beowulf, reportedly purchased the piece for $226,000.

Other Banksy treasures in the pair's collection include a white bust with a bleeding bullet hold in its forehead ($75,000) and a framed portrait of a man hit with a custard pie (again worth $75,000).

Both Jolie and Pitt also appear briefly in Banksy's recent hit "street art disaster movie," Exit Through the Gift Shop.

They are shown attending a Banksy exhibition where the Bristol-based artist notoriously painted graffiti on a live elephant - much to the annoyance of animal rights enthusiasts.

Banky's ascent from street artist to cause celebre of the Hollywood elite has also seen his artwork emerge in Easy Rider star and famed art collector Dennis Hopper's messy ongoing divorce.

Apparently, the terminally ill Hopper has accused his soon-to-be-ex-wife of stealing one of his Banksy artworks.

Entitled In The Future Everyone Will Be Anonymous for 15 Minutes, the work has reportedly vanished from his extensive art collection.


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