Blank cheques for a blank canvas? Collectors to fight over Bob Law artwork

It will certainly get your guests talking…

Discussing how on earth you could fork out £60,000 for a white canvas with black border.

But it could be £60,000 well spent, for we believe that minimalist artist Bob Law, who died in 2004, could be a popular name at auctions in years to come.

Law painted Nothing to be Afraid of V 22.8.69 in 1969, and it is the first of his major canvas works to appear at auction, so the £40,000 to £60,000 estimate attached to it by Bonhams ahead of its October 13 contemporary art sale may prove to be on the conservative side.

A highlight of the piece is the date Law produced the work, written by the artist in the bottom right-hand corner with a black laundry marker.

Bob Law's Nothing to be Afraid of V 22.8.69
Minimalist caption

Bonhams' head of contemporary art, Tony McNerney, told the UK's Daily Mail newspaper: "Bob Law is the most underestimated and overlooked minimal artist in Britain and this is the first major canvas of his to come up for auction.

"He was doing in the UK what others were doing in America, but he didn't get the recognition that he deserved.

"This piece… is art in its purest form. He drew the border in black marker and added the date."

After dabbling with pottery, Law found his niche in the burgeoning minimalist movement and became known for his entire canvases of black or blue.

Law's 1972 Black Drawing achieved £23,750 at Christie's earlier in the month.

Paul Fraser Collectibles will bring you the results from the auction next month.

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