Bizarre 'boat-car' sculpture for sale in the US

The flying car designed and built by Frank Skroback in the mid-1930s was our Unique Item of the Week on Thursday - but Red Baron Antiques' auction on March 12 features something perhaps even more unusual...

The sale will include this one-of-a-kind "boat-car" sculpture, which goes by the name of Bonneville.

This boat-car sculpture will sell in Red Baron's auction

Measuring 16 feet long and five feet wide, the artwork is evidently inspired by retro Americana, mixed with the science-fiction of bygone decades.

Features inside the immobile "vehicle" include a retro-futuristic steering wheel, a leather flight case and a wash hand basin, presumably for those long flights over the Atlantic.

The life-sized artwork's interior features a retro-futuristic design

It will sell alongside a collection of classic cars, among them a 1997 red Ferrari F355 Spider Convertible and a beautifully restored 1967 Volkswagen "Herbie" Beetle.

The unusual name of the auction house - Red Baron - is perhaps a reference to an alias of the legendary German World War One fighter pilot, Manfred von Richthofen.

But comic fans may know that the Red Baron was also the cartoon dog Snoopy's imaginary foe in Charles Schultz's much loved mid-20th century comic strip, Peanuts.

The idea of Snoopy Vs the Red Baron created a national sensation in its heyday, even resulting in a novelty pop record.

An original Sunday comic strip from July 31, 1966, featuring Snoopy Vs the Red Baron and signed by Schulz himself, recently auctioned for an incredible $101,575.


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