Big maternite' Ivory Coast sculpture could bring $53,300 in Germany sale

Tribal art is a small niche of collecting with big potential - as will surely be demonstrated by this sale of a "Big maternité" sculpture from the Ivory Coast, aka the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire, in West Africa.

This unique 59 centimetres-tall figure is crafted from wood with a reddish-brown patina. Strings of white glass beads are hung around its neck. The figure's rich decor and scarification marks suggest that it represents a woman of high social rank.

Also notice that the woman's feet don't rest on the ground, but on a separate pedestal: another tell-tale sign of her social status.


Big maternite sculpture from the Ivory Coast410.jpg
A "Big maternité" sculpture from the Ivory Coast

This rare art sculpture is expected to bring €40,000 when it goes under the hammer in Würzburg in Bavaria, Germany, over the weekend.

Ornaments like this are believed to encourage fertility and successful births. This figure is for sale from a French Private Collection.

But, whether the next owner of this "Big maternité" sculpture hears the pitter-patter of tiny feet after placing their successful bid remains to be seen...

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