Banksy's Di-faced Tenner comes to Paddle8 auction at $10,000

One of Banksy's most controversial works, the Di-faced Tenner, will make a star appearance at Paddle8's Currency auction, a unique sale that explores the union of money and art.

Banksy Di-faced Tenner
Due to the illegality of the notes, Banksy's Pest Control company distances themselves from them, though COA's often come in the form of a torn note

Banksy printed £1m worth of the notes, which see the Queen's portrait replaced with that of Princess Diana's, and released them into crowds at the Notting Hill Carnival and Reading Festival in 2004.

Those who grabbed the counterfeit cash got a great windfall, with the current signed example now expected to make $5,000-10,000 in the July 24 sale.

With the £10 notes dropped into crowds, many of them were used as actual payment in London.

Due to the counterfeit nature of the project, Banky's Pest Control - his own personal authentication service - distances itself from the notes, though certificates of authenticity often come in the form of a ripped portion of a Di-faced Tenner.

"As we curated this auction, we were struck by the range of ways in which concepts of money and value permeate the works and consciousness of artists working today," commented Vivian Brodie, Paddle8's lead specialist for the sale.

"Banksy's Di-Faced Tenner (a play on the word 'defaced') is especially explicit in exploring the intersection between art and money, as it is illegal fake currency that replaces the face of the Queen with that of Princess Diana."

The Indian Head Nickel is one of America's most iconic, and collectible, coins

At the top of the auction is an Andy Warhol screenprint of one of the most iconic American coins, the Indian Head Nickel. Hailing from his Cowboys and Indians Series, 1986, the piece is one of 250, and is expected to make between $28,000 and $30,000.

Following is a complete set of the Art Cash series, printed by the American Banknote Company, which includes bills by Andy Warhol, Robert Whitman, Robert Rauschenberg, Tom Gormley, Red Grooms and Marisol.

They were created from a private casino party at Automation House, New York in December 1971, a benefit for the Experiments in Art and Technology project. The full set is expected to sell for $1,000-1,500.

Hirst's skull was once set to be the most valuable work of art ever sold, though he couldn't find a buyer

Also starring is a screenprint of Damien Hirst's renowned For the Love of God, the diamond-encrusted skull that attracted international attention upon its creation in 2007. Created in a signed and numbered edition of 250, it will attract bids of $15,000-20,000.

Paul Fraser Collectibles has a unique piece of Damien Hirst signed artwork for sale - an extremely rare opportunity.

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