Avengers comic book World Record price set by Metropolis at $250,000

Metropolis Collectibles and its sister company Comic Connect have added another record to their recent triumphs in the form of a sale of Avenger#1 for the highest total ever.

Earlier this year, the group sold a high grade copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 (which introduced Spiderman) for $1.1m, making it the most valuable Silver Age comic ever printed, and the second most valuable of all time.

During the summer they sold a copy of Captain America #1 for a record $343,000 (perhaps helped by the release of the film), and then there's the company's phenomenal success with Action Comics #1 (the introduction of Superman).

In 2010 they sold high grade copy for $1m to make it the first comic to hit that mark, and then a few months later sold another for $1.5m, resting back the world record from Heritage (which had briefly borrowed it with the sale of a high-grade Detective Comics #27).

Soon Metropolis will be hoping to break it again with the sale of Nicholas Cage's 9.0 graded Action Comics #1.

The current sale saw the Avengers #1 comic sold for a world record of $250,000.

Comics Avengers issue 1
The Avengers have proved durable, contrary to Loki's expectations

"This exceptional copy is tied with two other copies of Avengers #1 CGC in 9.6," said Metropolis COO Vincent Zurzolo. "The other two copies have never been brought to market. Their owners have no interest in selling.  This makes this the only publicly sold copy of a CGC 9.6 to date.

"We are very proud that this is the highest price anybody has ever paid for a copy of Avengers #1," he continued.  "We also believe, after seeing the recent trailers for the Avengers movie, that the price for Avengers #1 will continue to escalate over the next few years".

Collectibles connected with comic book heroes are also valuable, especially if like Superman there is to be a movie released in the near future. For example, we are currently offering a signed card stock photo of the original moviestar Superman, Christopher Reeve, who introduced many to the Man of Steel for the first time.

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Images: Metropolis/Comic Connect

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