Autographed space art for sale

The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation is auctioning more than 20 of its 35 uniquely-designed space shuttle statues.

The foundation's Shuttles Orbiting the Space Coast program launched in 2008, when local companies sponsored the production of eight-foot, fibreglass space shuttles - each painstakingly decorated by an artist.

Astronauts will oversee the auction and have added their autographs to some of the statues.

Each piece of art has been taken and exhibited around the Space Coast in Florida, the region where the US Air Force and NASA frequently launch rockets and Space Shuttles into space.

The artworks include Tim Gagnon's Ad Astrum-Intelligendo, an eight-foot space shuttle statue featuring the artist's rendering of space and displaying, "heavenly bodies from far beyond our realm," according to the foundation's website.

You can bid in person, or online.

The sale will be held at the Final Destination Reception at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex on October 8, 2009, between 5.30pm and 8pm. Admission is free.

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