Art's best kept secret? Your route to 9.89% pa now

It's all go in Florence at the moment.

Is it a Da Vinci or isn't it?

The idea that The Battle of Anghiari has lain undiscovered for 500 years is hugely exciting for the art community, and will appeal to the instincts of investors around the world.

Aren't we all searching for that undiscovered gem that we can buy for a small sum before watching its value rise quickly?

But we can't all discover our own Da Vinci.

What we can do - and it's how I've made my money from collectibles - is spot the trends of the market before the rest of the world catches on.

Autographs of the greatest artists

One of the most buoyant areas of the art sector at the moment is not paintings, sculpture or ceramics, but autographs of the greatest painters who ever lived.

Salvador Dali signed photographs have risen in value by 11.72% pa since 2000, from £325 ($510) to £1,100 ($1,725), according to the PFC40 Autograph Index.

And the signature of his compatriot Pablo Picasso is just as exciting.

Picasso up 9.89% pa

The index states that Picasso's autograph has risen in value from £1,400 ($2,210) to £3,950 ($6,230) since 2000, at a rate of 9.89% pa.

The market for Picasso's autograph is booming.

A 1918 handwritten signed letter by the artist sold for $5,000 at a US auction in November 2011, 233.3% above its $1,500 pre-auction estimate.

And as we approach the 50th anniversary of his passing, in 2023, I believe the interest and passion for Picasso's signature can only grow.

And you can get involved today.

I have sourced a superb Picasso autographed postcard, which is available now for £3,950 (approx. $6,230).

Picasso absinthe drinker
This Picasso signed postcard can be yours today for £3,950 (approx. $6,230)

Picasso has signed the 6" x 4¼" postcard photo of his Absinthe Drinker along the lower border.

The signature is marked and underlined in light blue ink "Picasso le 15.2.67". It is in excellent condition.

I grant you, it may not match the excitement of finding a Da Vinci on your wall, but the 9.89% pa returns offered by Picasso's autograph will keep me satisfied.

For more information please get in touch.

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