Apollo 12 Moonwalker Alan Bean's artworks bring colour to Spacefest III




As we've reported, Spacefest III gets underway tomorrow (June 2) in Arizona, running until June 5. Six of NASA's 12 moonwalkers will star at the event, alongside other Apollo astronauts and 40 leading NASA scientists and managers.

Both Gene Cernan and Buzz Aldrin will be signing autographs. However a different type of collectible from another moonwalker will also be available, and it's one that should be considered seriously as an alternative investment.

Alan Bean, moonwalker from Apollo 12, developed a talent when he was middle aged, beginning to create artworks which have been well-received and exhibited widely.

Bean's work is generally inspired by his Apollo experiences and many of the scenes he creates are on the moon, although he is not always tied to historical accuracy (for example in depicting himself and the late Charles 'Pete' Conrad playing catch with a football).

One factor that piques the interest of space collectors is that Bean often incorporates material from the space program into the art work itself. For example Moonrunning on the Ocean of Storms, which is available at Spacefest (without a price listed), includes genuine moondust.

A Giant Leap, which depicts Neil Armstrong's first contact with the Moon, has already been sold for $47,500 ahead of the show. Bean is also offering signed pencil sketches, such as the first sketch for Our World in My Hands (in which he appears to hold the Earth between finger and thumb from the point of view given by standing on the moon). This is available for $5,595.



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