Andy Warhol's Self Portrait (1986) to make $6m at Phillips' contemporary sale?

Andy Warhol's Self Portrait (1986) will lead a contemporary art evening sale at Phillips London tonight (July 2) with a £2.5m-3.5m ($4.2m-6m) estimate.

The series of self-portraits Warhol produced in 1986, the year before he died, are among his most arresting images.

He is depicted as wild eyed and frail, which contrasts with the playful rendering of his usual subjects.

Warhol Andy portrait
Warhol produced the work a year before he died

Demand for Warhol's work remains strong, with Race Riot and White Marilyn achieving $62.8m and $41m respectively in May this year.

His auction record stands at $105.4m, set for Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster) in November 2013.  

Richard Prince's My Life as a Weapon (2007) is valued at £500,000-700,000 ($857,975-1.2m).

Richard Prince joke
Richard Prince began his series of joke paintings during the 1980s

The work was created for the artist's joke series, which pairs text with painting. When Prince began the work in the 1980s, he used jokes from books before creating his own.

The text repeats several times and reads: "Again, my wife is turning into a nun. I get none in the morning, none in the afternoon and none at nite."

Prince's auction record stands at $8.4m for a painting titled Overseas Nurse.

The sale includes work from a range of well known artists, including a mirror installation by Anish Kapoor.

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