Andy Warhol's iconic Silver Liz will auction priced $1m

One of the most iconic images ever produced by the renowned Pop Artist Andy Warhol will auction at Christie's on June 30, alongside works by Koons and Lichtenstein.

Warhol's Silver Liz was produced in 1963 when its subject, Elizabeth Taylor, star of Cleopatra and other landmark movies, was at the height of her fame in Hollywood.

It was also during that year that Taylor became the world's first million-dollar actress.

As Taylor appeared in countless newspapers around the world, Warhol reportedly developed a child-like infatuation with the actress - soon basing one of his most iconic works on her.

Andy Warhol's vision of Elizabeth Taylor, Silver Liz, from 1963

Silver Liz shows Warhol's silkscreen process, developed by the artist during the previous year and appreciated by him for the 'electricity' and smooth artificiality it brought to paintings.

As ever with Warhol, his choice of colours was especially important; and this work is one of just two to depict Taylor with her legendary violet eyes.

Interestingly, the work was produced at around the same time that Warhol was making his darker works featuring electric chairs and car crashes.

Silver Liz debuted to the public at Warhol's famous Ferus Gallery show, held in Los Angeles in October 1963. It displayed alongside his silver canvasses of Elvis Presley.

A glamorous and highly-individual portrait - and today regarded as one of the most artist's important works - Warhol's Silver Liz is expected to sell for $1m (or £700,000) when it auctions later this month.

Collectors interested in Warhol's work may be interested to know that this original signed lithograph of Marilyn Monroe is also for sale on the market.


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