Andy Warhol (Marilyn Monroe)

A beautiful lithograph of Andy Warhol's world famous Marilyn Monroe portrait.

This portrait measures approximately 43 x 43cm and is in mint condition.

Warhol has added a superb signature at the right of the IMAGE_in black ink.

It should be noted that this is an original lithograph on heavy quality card and not the widely available reproduction Tate Gallery poster.

These signed lithographs are considered the 'next best thing' after the original portrait.

They are very rare in autographed form.

Original portraits sells for millions.

Actor Hugh Grant purchased an original Warhol portrait of Elizabeth Taylor for £2m ($3.3m) in 2001.

He sold it in 2007 for £11.38m ($18.77m). A £9m ($14.85m) profit in just 6 years.

This fantastic signed lithograph offers the lowest entry level into the ever popular Andy Warhol artworld.

Beautifully mounted, framed and glazed to Museum standard, this is a fantastic presentation piece.

For Sale: £25,000 ($41,250)


For further information please email or telephone +44 (0) 117 933 9500


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